Here you could leave your messages (if you successfully hack this site). Example: #WHOAMI was here am 09.09.9999.

Testimonial 1
Susann Spencer, 12.12.2019

Don't change the order or format of this site. Please: We want to give away a special gift to the #10k and #100k. If you do it anyway, we will thankfully send you a payload of your choice :-)

Testimonial 2
Paula, 04.05.2019

Whatever you might write here. Keep it sensefull and maybe you could just thank yourself for investing so many time and learn so much...

Testimonial 3
Nancy, 01.01.2020

You might think only women are allowed. It would be great to have more women to become hackers. ANYWAYS: Whoever made it to hack the site "service.html" will get our greates thanks! (webserver should be safe by now :-) Have fun!

Testimonial 4
Jessica, 14.02.2019